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And so approaches the end of another year…

Wow what a crazy past few months. Andrew, Steve and I have been having to juggle some crazy website issues ranging from being hacked on Halloween (and a couple times after) then the reemergence of the spam bots on our comment service. So commenting has once again been disabled until further notice sadly…

In other news i just realized that it has been almost 4 months since I last post something. yikes, how time flies. But I’ve still been drawing, in fact learning tons taking a few courses while working full time. Since September I’ve taken to trying to learn anatomy which i foolishly neglected back in school. Here’s a slew of posts from these classes and my sketchbook.

Also I’ve updated the website with these and some minor organizational items.

I’ll try and do some actual finished work before the year is over. Thanks for watching so far everyone.

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Those things that I actually finished…

I swear these were done like a month ago.